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Rental Vans Unbeatable for Convenience and Multi-Purpose Use

Vans are a popular choice of hire vehicle in New Zealand, whether you're planning a trip for your local sports team, getting the extended family together for a vacation or heading to the coast with a stack of surfboards.  The humble van can cater to many needs and wants.
New Zealand is the place for adventures, so its no wonder that the rental van is a popular choice for many whom need more space and seating when out on the open road. A hire van can offer fantastic storage solutions if need be, with easy to remove seats that can make way for merchandise for the rep travelling the country, or the ample seating can cater for sports teams and groups who may travel to events out of town.  The convenience of the hire van is second to none.
When picking a rental van from ABC Rentals in Tauranga for your next adventure, there are a few options to consider. The Ford Transit Van 12 Seater offers a high top roof that allows for passengers to stand and walk to their comfortable seats, and plenty of leg room.  The ford transit hire van is ready and waiting for the open road.
For trips to the airport, dropping off or picking up friends, the Ford Freda 8 seater hire van is ready for the job. Its automatic, which makes driving a breeze, it runs on diesel so you are guaranteed an economical trip. The Freda rental van also boasts plenty of room for baggage storage should you require it.
If you are planning a trip that will require a lot of luggage then it might pay to hire a van that has a tow bar. A Tow bar offers you the opportunity to hire a trailer to stash all the extra gear that you need to bring with you, making your trip even easier with the added bonus of all that extra room.
Rental vans are often available in either diesel or petrol. Diesel is often cheaper at the pump, 30% cheaper than regular petrol. Diesel is great for the open road, long drives and heavier vehicles, while petrol works best for smaller trips and lighter vehicles.
The convenience of a hire van is second to none and shouldn’t be overlooked when searching for a vehicle that can serve many purposes. When looking for a hire van that’s right for you there are a few things to consider. How many people will be seated in the van? Will you require a tow bar for a trailer? Automatic or manual? Petrol or diesel? Then there's colour and style etc. Many companies that hire vans out offer a large range of vehicles for you to choose from. It's always best to have an idea of what type of rental van will serve you best to ensure the perfect vehicle for your next trip.
ABC Rentals offers an excellent range of rental vans in Tauranga. Be sure to give Neale a call to ensure he has the one you need available.
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