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Things to Consider Prior to Hiring a Rental Car

Rental cars serve many purposes, but often choosing one that fits all of your requirements can become a confusing experience. ABC Rentals in Tauranga offers some sound advice on what to look for when considering hiring a vehicle.
When hiring a car, it's important to first consider if paying for insurance is worth the price tag, and in most cases, it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small scratch from a shopping trolley or a more serious collision, insurance is often worth the peace of mind of knowing that your rental car is looked after via insurance no matter what the problem.
However, it's important to be vigilant in reading the contract you sign when acquiring the hire car, as you may have already paid for standard insurance in the contract, and sometimes added insurance is unnecessary and a hidden cost.
It always pays to have a preference of vehicle when selecting a rental car. Whether it be a hatchback, SUV or van - each car serves a unique purpose for a variety of needs that you as a customer may require. Most rental car companies will have the option of diesel and petrol vehicles from which you can choose. Diesel may provide more mileage and torque in your engine, but can occasionally be a little louder. Petrol may cost more at the pump, but in winter petrol engines can warm up a little quicker. The petrol versus diesel debate is a lengthy one, so it really does come down to personal preference.
If you plan on hiring a rental car for long distance driving, as is often the case in New Zealand, it might be worth hiring a rental car that comes with unlimited kilometres. Remember that you will most likely be returning the car with a full tank of gas, so although you may have unlimited kilometres this doesn’t mean that your travelling distance is without cost.
Which brings us to the next point. If you are travelling long distance, or even a short distance for that matter, you should consider a breakdown/roadside assistance that is often provided by car rental companies. The good news is this cost is often included in the original price of hiring the rental car, and if your rental car company doesn’t provide roadside assistance as complementary, then the fee for this is generally small and well worth the extra few dollars.
As mentioned earlier, it is very important to read through the small print on the contract provided to you by the rental car company for several reasons. You need to know specifics of the car rental agreement, such as minimum hire periods and hidden costs that you may incur. Such hidden costs could be late fees, relocation fees, and a drop off charge.
You may only need the car for an hour or two, but most rental car companies will charge a minimum of 24-hour rental. If you are early to drop the vehicle off, this too could incur a fee; regardless of if you feel you are doing the rental car company a favour.
Hiring a rental car need not be a chore; in fact hiring a car can be a lot of fun. Just be sure to have a checklist of preferences and must haves to ensure you select the perfect car for whatever you have planned, and make sure you read the contract! 

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